A Different Approach to Wallets

Simplifying wallet management without sacrificing security
Umbrella's Wallet to Application Architecture

Master Wallets

When a user signs into an application they use either their Google or Apple ID (we can offer others but these are the most secure and common) to sign in. If the user is unrecognized, a new “Master Umbrella Wallet” is created tied to this identity. The private keys themselves are managed by a decentralized key storage solution. This means no one owns the keys. Each private key is encrypted and broken up before a piece is given to the nodes managing the decentralized key storage solution. Of course, power users have the option to manage their keys if they’d like and maintain a separation of web2/web3 identities. We don’t have the intention to build our own decentralized key management service at the moment, instead, we are identifying a few partners that have great solutions in this space.

Application Wallets

Every application the user interacts with spins up an Application Wallet. This is a smart contract that acts as an in-app wallet. The benefit is that users can use fiat or other currencies to load their application wallets to use apps but don’t have to go through a signatory process for every transaction. This smooths the flow for the user and abstracts forced wallet-to-contract interactions away and introduces direct value-to-contract interactions.


“Keyless” doesn’t mean users have zero control. In fact, they have very similar control to what users on Ethereum have, with the main difference being that an Apple or Google ID could be used to recover lost keys. We use decentralized key management services to have a trustless method for users to maintain their security. Users can engage with applications using Application Wallets and since the owner of those funds is the “Master Wallet” the actions are under user control. They only "risk" what they deposit into each application similar to web2. This means users who use a lot of applications but aren’t tech-savvy aren't risking 3rd party access to funds in their Master wallet.