DAO Organizational Design

SubDAOs as Working Groups

SubDAOs are an onchain method for organizing workflows into working groups. For example, within the DeFi SubDAO several member organizations are working independently towards the advancement of onchain finance.
Each SubDAO begins with a single company’s network proposal to coordinate efforts in a certain domain. SubDAOs act as organizational layers and do not have their own legal structure. However, each underlying Product/Organization and the overarching UmbrellaDAO, does have a legal presence in the real world.
New SubDAOs can be proposed to UmbrellaDAO and can request funding. SubDAOs can add, remove, send payments to contributors, or send payments for expenses.
These groups come together to request funding and organize efforts that are mutually beneficial to encourage collaboration towards aligned objectives.
Initial SubDAOs on Umbrella and Who Leads Them
  • Finance - Koinstreet
  • Media & Entertainment - MusicStars
  • Sports - EpicPlays
  • Travel - Happyplace
  • Workspace - Happyspace
  • Enterprise - Dataplace & BusinessTwin
  • Metaverse & Gaming - Genadrop & DAM
The insides of a DAO and a SubDAO
The names and details of these groups vary across DAOs, but we can roughly group them by their operational functions.