Products, Tokens, and Integrations

A breakdown of some of the major players in our ecosystem
Umbrella has a suite of products and businesses ready to join our vision at launch. We will continue to update this list of projects that we work with over time.


Umbrella Network - $UMBRA

$UMBRA Utility: Used by developers to cover network fees associated with application overhead.
Used to vote on proposals in the UmbrellaDAO.
Used by Users to stake in the PoS system on Umbrella and allocate voting power to Supernodes.
Used by the Umbrella protocol to secure the network through PoS.


Umbrella Foundation

The Foundation supplies grants, bug bounties, and community rewards. It is a non-profit and has no token. It is given a treasury to fund operations at the main network's launch and accepts donations.

Investment, Incubation, and Growth

Umbrella Syndicate - $UMSYN

$UMSYN aims to be partially tokenized and partially publicly traded
Invests in and supports the growth of Umbrella
Stock is partially tokenized and available on Umbrella
Acts as a centralized method to gain exposure to tokenized products on Umbrella in the “real world”

Protocol Finance

KoinStreet - $KASH

Public financial protocol DEX/AMM for developers utilizing cross-chain swaps.
Easily swap external assets to and from $UMBRA for contract interactions.

BlackGoose - $GOOSE

Enterprise-grade Zero-Knowledge DEX utilizing ZKYC to create a fully private, but fully compliant, trading environment.

User Facing Products

Decentralized Arcade Machine $DAM

DAM is an on-switch for game devs that uses web3 to power #Collectibles, #Metaverse Marketplaces, and #eSports-as-a-Service using a novel Proof of Victory mechanism

GenaDrop $DROP

A no-code NFT generation platform.

MusicStars $STARS

A music artist booking, micro-streaming, and NFT collecting platform.

KoinStreet $KASH

DeFi yield and Decentralized AMM.

HappyPlace/HappySpace $HAPPY

Mid-term home rentals with built-in concierge and local services along with memberships and access to co-working spaces.