DAOs on Umbrella can stream payments to contributors via Sablier, bulk-distribute tokens through, fund grants through its Gnosis Safe multisig, and keep track of payments via treasury management tools like Parcel. DAO’s can also offer something similar to an employee stock option plan (ESOP) by locking tokens in options
Umbrella uses SourceCred to track and Govrn to quantify the “cred” to activities like Github issues, PR commits, and Discourse posts.
Umbrella uses Coordinape, a peer-based compensation tool, built on the premise that contributors of a working group themselves know best who has created the most value. At the end of some work period (an “epoch”), Coordinape allows members within a working group to distribute rewards to peers at their own discretion. This removes the need for a central authority of rewards distributors who has to determine value creation at a granular level.
HR is one of the most under-addressed verticals for DAO contributors. Umbrella uses Opolis which serves as an employer-agnostic shared services layer, giving DAO members access to employment benefits, payroll and tax compliance services. Opolis gives individuals the freedom and flexibility to get compensated by different DAOs while retaining the HR benefits of a traditional organization.