Modular and Composable

A Modular and Composable Chain

Umbrella uses enterprise-grade tooling to build a modular and composable chain that allows us to continue to upgrade major pieces of our infrastructure without hard forking existing systems.
Now what this means is that any piece of Umbrella, from consensus to validation, can be altered without breaking the chain. We are not necessarily merging products, but creating an agnostic layer where several pieces of technology can be used in the same application.
Let’s take an example where we have Developer A who is a Bitcoin maximalist. The reasons don’t matter, but for his use case to work, he needs users to be able to spend Bitcoin. Typically on Ethereum directly this isn’t necessarily possible. What we do is implement Bitcoin bridges like Ren to wrap the Bitcoin into an EVM-compatible token on the backend, making it usable. The developer doesn’t need to do the hard work of adding Bitcoin, instead, it’s simply a payment option available for all users. This example can be replicated using any other chain as a value layer while Umbrella is utilized as the front-end execution layer. The example can be expanded by replacing the concept of Bitcoin with ZKPs or Cosmos IBC.
Umbrella has an innate ability to communicate with EVM chains, and we are focused on this before expanding our scope outside of EVM. The first step to establishing cross-chain communication with a network is to ensure there is sufficient liquidity for both assets in the cross-relay oracle of choice. We are currently scoping Stargate Finance’s protocol liquidity bridge to address this issue until we identify a better partner. That way, we can instantly unlock access to the $500M TVL in the Stargate ecosystem.