Contribution Management

The contributor journey is the process by which an individual goes from not knowing about Umbrella or the UmbrellaDAO, to lurking on social channels (e.g. Twitter, Discord), to establishing connections with other members, to making their first contribution, and beyond.
Quests and Bounties are bite-sized tasks that members can take on to “level up” in the DAO. Bounties can be automatically verified if it’s an on-chain task (Rabbit Hole) or left up to the discretion of a DAO member that owns the bounty (Gitcoin, Coinvise).
Reputation as proxies for trust helps people allocate their attention within the DAO, it also tells outsiders who to approach when they need support or want to explore partnership opportunities.
Web3 allows individuals to port their identity and reputation across applications and communities. As DAO-affiliation is more pluralistic and intertwined than traditional employer-affiliation, DAOs are much stronger vessels for individuals to build and communicate a holistic picture of who they are and what they’re passionate about.