Umbrella's Users

Umbrella focuses on business entities as our primary customers. They attract the other customers seen in the User Map.
Umbrella offers businesses:
  • Decentralization: Every developer with a critical system wants a network with 100% uptime and redundancy. Umbrella is a fully distributed and redundant network with the capacity of infinite decentralization.
  • Privacy: Enterprise-grade security compliant with GDPR standards for government and enterprise applications
  • Governance: Governance tools to include stakeholder representation in major business decisions
  • Application/Data Layer: A fully composable and modular execution environment that starts with EVM but can integrate others to offer the developers the final choice on how they want to build.
  • Staking and Finance: Umbrella allows financial firms and exchanges to support and secure Umbrella in return for a cut of $UMBRA's inflation rewards or provide liquidity in the various public defi goods created to sustain the ecosystem.
Focusing on Businesses and Products drives the rest of the ecosystem's players to Umbrella