Decision Making

The next generation of governance tools is bridging the gap between off-chain voting and on-chain execution — offering a layer of checks and balances to ensure that execution, even if initiated from a multisig, actually reflects the outcomes of an off-chain vote.
Umbrella utilizes Zodiac built by the Gnosis team along with its Reality module, which makes the above concept framework-agnostic.
Judiciary infrastructure creates an additional layer for checks and balances within the DAO, allowing working groups to execute optimistically whilst leaving room for the community to “challenge”, such that the working group is still held accountable to the DAO.
UmbrellaDAO (the primary network DAO) uses Kleros Court to create a “Supreme Court” for DAOs that checks if a proposal is compatible with the DAO’s values, or verifies that approved budgets are being used as specified in the original proposal. Additionally, Umbrella enables Tally’s SafeGuard to allow a quorum of token holders to revoke transactions initiated by the multisig or reclaim funds if it deems the signers took improper actions.